New Evangelization Rosary

An elegant, reliable, free tool to help you pray the rosary the way you want.

Humble Design

Simple, unobtrusive design allows you to concentrate on your prayer. There are no flashy effects or complicated extras to get in the way. Just a clean, genuine interface with one purpose: to help you pray the rosary as easily as possible.

Catered To You

Whether you want to pray one set of mysteries, a full 15 or 20 decade rosary, these are all easily accessed within seconds. Miss the start of a group rosary? No problem, skip to the decade you want. If you need a quick reminder of the words to the prayers, they can be brought on screen with a single swipe, and dismissed as easily.


The New Evangelization rosary will remember your preferences, and if you have to stop in the middle of a prayer, (or even if your phone dies) when you re-open the app it will be exactly where you left off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources did you use when creating this app?
The New Evangelization Rosary is largely designed based on the teachings found in the Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II to the Bishops, Clergy and Faithful on The Most Holy Rosary.

I have always learned that the rosary should begin with recitation of the Apostles Creed. Why is there a choice between reciting Psalm 70 or the Apostles Creed at as the opening prayer?
There are several legitimate ways to introduce the Rosary, and popularity of each form varies from region to region. These are the two of the most common forms used.

What are the “daily” mysteries?
John Paul II declared Oct 2002 - Oct 2003 to be “The Year of the Rosary” and in this year proposed a suggested pattern of mysteries to be followed by The Faithful that added the Luminous Mysteries to the traditional pattern. The suggested pattern is as follows: Monday - Joyful, Tuesday - Sorrowful, Wednesday - Glorious, Thursday - Luminous, Friday - Sorrowful, Saturday - Joyful, Sunday - Glorious.

Why is some of the text of the prayers in bold?
If the rosary is being said in a group context, the leader's part is in bold and the group responds with the rest of the prayer.

We hope that you enjoy using the New Evangelization Rosary, and that the app helps you draw closer to God every day! If you'd like to get in touch please email

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